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Things change

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So that whole combat sim thing was a complete waste of my time.  Why? well just basically because the people that hang around that kinda place are complete losers and have no life So...I'm doing what I want and that is to create when ever I have the time and doing the shop thing.

The up and coming "FluxBox:" will consist of my two shops and some of my friends in separate shops.  So stay tuned for the opening date.

SL Sociopaths

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So as some of you may know I bought a piece of land in which is called Cataclysm Engagement, a sim for the purpose in building a combative environment for the public to enjoy and for also selling weapons..yada yada for fun. Ok that all makes sense and also did it, simply for the reason of that people have fun playing computer games and a large portion of computer games that are out there involves first person shooting..ok well that all makes sense as well.  Extending on from that is even though this idea is constructed around another game (Second Life) and this game was made for the purpose of social interaction, it was also most defiantly themed for internal creation and for the idea that residents can bring more to the game.

Ok now that's all out of the way I will move on to my insight in which I have witnessed of late.  Ego...yes Ego...it makes no sense to me how nor where anyone could possibly develop an egotistical behavioural disorder from within this realm but it happens and happens a lot.  One answer would be that people just simply do not have a life.  Why do I say that?  Because if they interact with people in the real world in the same fashion in which they do in Second Life...nobody would give them the time of day.  I will take myself for an example because I have the confidence to do so.  Myself as an employer would never in a millions years employ the bulk of people I come in contact with in Second Life.  That sounds harsh but ultimately very true.  Yes I am under the realisation that the work force is not the place for everyone to be but none the less I'm sorry but it is life, the real world, the world in which we survive as a species.

So the remedy - I will take an example from recent activities in which occurred in my sim.  What happened was, myself and a few friend's of mine use to go to a similar sim in which we would combat others in the sim for fun and that is it, plain and simple.  One day a good friend of mine was there and not combating but chatting away as she does because she's friendly when all of a sudden some guy starts yelling at her and being absolutely vulgar, offensive, beyond abusive and just basically being a complete scum bag, so my friend not only felt excessively violated but shocked.  If you have never been abused verbally in that kind of way in your life imagine what it's like, but none the less just take yourself to that moment and put yourself in that position having some bloke going completely bat shit at you, out of the blue, unwarranted.  The great thing about virtual realities is that you can leave when ever you please in which she did.

A few days later herself and a heap of other friends and players were at my sim combating and acting out having fun YAAY fun right lol.  When all of a sudden this asshole that abused the crap out of her turns up with his croney little abuser friends and start acting up again.  I realised instantly whom this person was and me being me acting instantly and just simply ejected this person from my land.."MY LAND".  Now proceeding that the fun began.  This person was part of another group in which is some jackass "military" group in which I will not name but lol everyone that has encountered these ball bags will know whom I'm talking about.  What did they do? first of all about 5 other members of the group including the head wanker TP'd in asking why this person has been banned yada yada then got into my group chat and started abusing everyone in the group then made notices in other groups belittling everyone apart from themselves.  In all definition that calculates to greifing,  And guess what, that is exactly what they are.  If anyone invades your life and violates there rights anywhere any time there grieving you, cause you misfortune, being a complete sociopathic buffoon.  I ended up banning every single one of them and will continue to do so.  And if you read this and you own a sim and you allow these pieces of shit to act the way they do in your sim and you do not have the balls to break out on this shit I'm sorry but your a bigger fool that what they are.  How can you possibly stand there after creating something for fun and have it butt humped by furry sycophants such as the ones I'm referring to.

In conclusion my message to you is to never play the victim cause that is all you will ever be.

Neil the Wood Elf

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Once upon a time in a land far far away...well ok no it was just around the corner behind the old grocer next to Henry's place..Actually no it was Henry's mothers place cause Henry's mum kicked Henry's Dad out cause she busted him having sexy time with the door stop but we won't go into that, anyway just there near Henry's Mums place there lived a lively but very camp wood elf named Neil and he lived in an old sock in which had red and brown stripes which wasn't that fashionable at the time but made a comeback in the mid seventies along side flares. So Neil the Wood Elf really really liked to eat corn flakes in a big way to the point that everyone thought that he wouldn't be able to live without them. Well one day Neil forgot to buy cornflakes for the next days breakfast...and died...the end

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Well well well what do we have here...."A PAGE"..."AND THE INTERNETS".

So I kinda had the idea of doing a blog about myself and my surroundings about 3 years ago and it is only now that I have gotten around to doing it. Hopefully it wont be 3 year intervals between my posts. So this is just a pointless introduction from me to you and just so you know it is really me and to prove it I shall ramble on a fair bit in which will take you completely nowhere keeping you completely intrigued about absolutely nothing what so ever to do with hamsters or eating soggy popcorn in the bath in which you have already spilt half a bottle of vodka in which kinda feels a bit strange cause you cant feel your toes cause your using them to block the water from going down the drain hole cause you lost the plug and the last time you saw it you were using it as a french fry straightener cause you hate bendy french fries and you don't know what gave you the idea of using the bath plug but now you regret it.